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FlashPhive provides affordable and reliable web script installation services. Have you been struggling to install your PHP, Perl, or CGI scripts? Have you been receiving script errors and you don't know how to fix those script error messages? Why not let our professional technicians install your script? If you have purchased a website script and need help installing it on your server or getting it to work properly, we are here for you! Whether it's PHP, MySQL-driven database, CGI, or Perl, our expert technicians will configure and troubleshoot your script to work properly online. And if we can't do it, we have a money-back guarantee!

Why choose our services:
 - Only pay for successful script installations
 - No per hour fees to worry about
 - Install script rates starting at only $25
 - We offer a money-back guarantee                                       Click for Terms & Conditions

   PLACE AN ORDER - Please complete the Order Form below. Select the proper level for the script installation or script troubleshooting that you need. Your payment will be returned if the level you choose is not appropriate for the work in question. You will also be contacted in such event.

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We will get your scripts installed and functioning properly on your website. We can fix those annoying script error messages you are receiving. Our technicians will configure and debug the scripts until they are working successfully. Let us do the hard work of configuring your scripts to run on your server and get it up and running on your website. Best of all, we promise a successful installation or your money back! No other professional script installation providers can offer such guarantee. Let's get started!

PHP scripts. CGI scripts, Perl Scripts, and MySQL databases can be hard to configure sometimes... especially if you don't know what you're doing. That's why let our experts at FlashPhive do it for you!